Carsoli 22th October 2017

Meeting about Integrated Sport in Carsoli 22/10/2017

On October 22 2017, an awareness meeting about "Integrated Sport as a method of integration and rehabilitation for people with mental disabilities” took place in the Comunità Passaggi, Oricola AQ , Piana del Cavaliere.

At the meeting were present: the councillors Rosa De Luca and Mario Mazzetti (Carsoli municipality- head of the Project), Giancarlo Schiavoni (Association Il Mondo in una Stanza 2) Eligio Ferrari Vice President of Croce Rossa in Carsoli, Flavia Cruciani responsible of the Cooperative  Bubusettete  for the primary school, Paolo Morani e Federica Bianchi (Artists of Piana del Cavaliere) Professor Marco Bernardini teacher in the secondary School in Carsoli, Manuela Eboli, Paola Cardines, Christian Pace (integrated football Carsoli) Vincenzo Sagliocchi (Digital Works -  and some guests of the Therapeutic Comunità Passaggi, which have been actively involved in the realization of the meeting.
The focus of the event proposed by Filippo M.Jacoponi (Comunità Passaggi) and Carola Prosperi (Comunità Passaggi) was on sharing the need of an analysis of the territorial context with regard to existing services for sport accessibility and the sports  methodologies used in the context of rehabilitation and integration of people with disabilities.
This meeting, in addition to provide a basis for investigating the issues displayed through "guide  questions", to be spread among people in the area, provided further reflections about an expanded concept of integrated sport.
Sport not only as physical activity but as an instrument also to access to a global experience  of physical health and psychological well-being, a concept to be promoted in terms of prevention among the new generations, beyond their specific needs (disability, special needs) with the purpose of developing the socialization, education to coexistence, improvement of personal and collective self-esteem.

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Football event in Berlin on April 21st 2018.

The Therapeutic Community "Passaggi", the Bulgarian Association "Bulgarian Sports Development" with the State Community for adults with mental disabilities (Karlovo, Bulgaria) and Sozial Label E.V. with SCL, attended the integrated football event that took place in Berlin on April 21st 2018.

Integrated Football Event in Berlin 20-22 April

The Municipality of Carsoli, with C.S.E.N., Therapeutic Community "Passaggi" and the Bulgarian Association "Bulgarian Sports Development", are preparing for the Integrated Football Event that will held in Berlin 20-22 April 2018.

Writing the book about management of sports activities that favour the social inclusion of people with psychiatric disabilities

The partnership has started writing the book: "Methodologies and techniques for the management of sports activities that favour the social inclusion of people with psychiatric disabilities who live in residential therapeutic communities" with the sharing of information of the various national contexts concerning the methodologies, the best practices and target groups of the project.
You can find the index of the book here:

SPeeCH Berlin film: In sport we are all equal!

SPeeCH Berlin film: In sport we are all equal!

Video - Speech Project: "In sport we are all equal! "

How much Sport can do for the social inclusion in their local communities of psychiatric disabled people living in therapeutic communities? The aim of our campaign is to increase the knowledge of mental diseases, to favour new investments in integrated sports activities with disabled athletes who will not have to fear competition because.... In sport we are all equal!