Meeting about Integrated Sport in Carsoli 22/10/2017

On October 22 2017, an awareness meeting about "Integrated Sport as a method of integration and rehabilitation for people with mental disabilities” took place in the Comunità Passaggi, Oricola AQ , Piana del Cavaliere.

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MOVE and Integrated Football at "Spazio Europa" - Rome

CSEN invite you the 29th September at the final events of two project: MOVE and Integrated Football at "Spazio Europa" IV Novembre street, Rome.
Participation is free and subject to availability and registration. To register, please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Comune di Carsoli (AQ)

The municiplity of Carsoli will  hold the workshop, from 18 to 20 May 2017. 

During the first day of the workshop, the promotional video of the project will be shown and an analysis of the actual national situations and good practices will be carried out and there will be updates about contacts established with mail stakeholders. In the second day of the workshop the participants will be split into two subgroups:

Group 1) Methodologies and techniques for the management of sports activities that favour the social inclusion of psychiatric disabled people who live in residential therapeutic communities;

Group 2) Planning and launching of the awareness raising campaign about sports activities for the social inclusion of psychiatric in-patients of therapeutic communities; 

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Speech Project in Sofia

Festival of Abilities and Speech Project local meeting.

During the festival the visitors also got to know the activities of the Speech project, as Yoanna Dochevska - Chairwoman of ARBS and Stefka Djobova - a psycho-motivational specialist presented the activities that included the creation of 3 integrated sports associations in Italy, Germany and Bulgaria, publication of a manual "Methodologies and Techniques for the Management of Sports Activities related to the Social Inclusion in the Local Communities of People with Psychiatric Diseases" and international and local sports activities aimed at integration.

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Tavola Rotonda Speech Project sulle metodologie

Work in progress for the Index of guidelines book about:"Tecniques and methods for the management of sports activities in favour of the inclusion [...] of people with mental disorders living in Therapeutic Communities", after two meeting held in july, the operative scheme is ready to be translated and sent to the partners in order to start writing.

Creazione pagina Twitter di Speech Project

Il 10 maggio 2017 è stata creata la pagina Twitter dello Speech Project, il progetto europeo di Football Integrato che coinvolge Comunità Terapeutiche di Italia, Germania e Bulgaria. Visita la pagina anche tu e diventa dei nostri commenta i nostri tweets: 
A breve sarà creata anche la pagina Google+ del nostro progetto europeo.
Speech Project in Berlin

Speech project local meeting

On October 22 2017, an awareness meeting about "Integrated Sport as a method of integration and rehabilitation for people with mental disabilities” took place in Berlin.

The focus of the event was on sharing the need of an analysis of the territorial context with regard to existing services for sport accessibility and the sports methodologies used in the context of rehabilitation and integration of people with disabilities.

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European No-Profit Sport Events


In accordance with EU Directives (eg.“European Disability Strategy 2010-2020: A Renewed Commitment to a
Barrier-Free Europe”) calling for the removal of all barriers that prevent people with disabilities from fully
enjoying their fundamental rights, this project aims to establish a European Sports Association of psychiatric
patients and young non-disabled athletes.

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