guidelines book

Partita di Football Integrato

By periodical meeting (since june) with Antonello Angelini and Filippo Jacoponi, at the end of july we outlined this draft of the index

Methodologies and techniques for the management of sports activities that favour the social inclusion of people with psychiatric disabilities who live in residential therapeutic communities.

First Chapter

1. Therapeutic Communities: history, context of actions, methodology, users.
2. Problem description: Social inclusion of people with psychiatric disabilities
3. Main theories: Suitable patterns and methods to favour social inclusion and psychiatric/psychosocial rehab
4. Purpose for mover of the action (social inclusion and mainstreaming.
5. Target objectives: what will it be able to do after the end of the project?
6. Rules, principles, standards: Integrated Sports approach.

Second Chapter

1. Integrated sport: method and activities for mental health.
2. What transversal skills to rehab in mental health?
3. What specific skills of sport educator/operator of sport integrated activities?
4. What activities are suitable for using integrated sports techniques?
5. Integrated sports and its benefits (not only) for disability: a methodology that intends to promote well-being and territorial mental health

Third Chapter

1. Emerged needs in daily activity of teachers sport centers: the “excluded” person, the vulnerable, the bodily and mental health, intercept the “question” (need), the development of membership as an instrument of de-psychiatry
2. Interviews with players, coaches, parents and spectators: experiences on the "field"
3. How to compare with families: basic communication skills, useful to daily work with the public and the different needs. The possibility of creating "welcome". The "field” invasions. Family Support Techniques: Answers but also Questions.