The new compendia of the European Commission about funded small collaborative partnership has been published!

European No-Profit Sport Events

In accordance with EU Directives (eg.“European Disability Strategy 2010-2020: A Renewed Commitment to a
Barrier-Free Europe”) calling for the removal of all barriers that prevent people with disabilities from fully
enjoying their fundamental rights, this project aims to establish a European Sports Association of psychiatric
patients and young non-disabled athletes.

The aim of the Association will be supporting the dialogue between people with psychiatric disorders and the local territory where their psychiatric therapeutic community is located, thus facilitating the social inclusion of individuals living in the therapeutic community and also the shift to autonomous life when the in-treatment in the therapeutic community ends. To begin with, the project foresees a EU workshop with the representatives of the participating therapeutic communities and city councils or other Authorities in order to share good practices, to officially present the project and the social awareness raising campaign. Afterwards, in each country involved video clips will be realized and Sports groups made by athletes from both the therapeutic community and the local territory will be established. Sports groups will gather for a EU event of integrated sport. A photo book with pictures of the European integrated sports event will be published and it will also include the good practices defined in the workshop. The project will also realize a DVD with the video clips for the awareness raising campaign as well as with some interviews to project
participants useful for assessing the project impact on local social integration. Local community members will
be invited to a EU public meeting in Carsoli (AQ, Italy), especially school teachers, and it will be the occasion
for officially presenting the EU Sports Association founded in the project. Afterward, materials realized will be
distributed to the psychiatric communities and schools of territories involved in order to promote the project

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