Integrated Football Event in Berlin 20-22 April

Integrated Football Event in Berlin 20-22 April
The Municipality of Carsoli, with C.S.E.N., Therapeutic Community "Passaggi" and the Bulgarian Association "Bulgarian Sports Development", are preparing for the Integrated Football Event that will held in Berlin 20-22 April 2018.
Pending the afternoon of the first day there will be the project presentation, the following day there will be an Integrated Football Tournament between three teams (composed by students, professional workers and people with psychiatric disabilities of three different Therapeutic Communities) from Italy, Bulgaria and Germany.
The event is planned and organized by Sozial Label E.V. with the local Therapeutic Community.
Moreover, the project staff is working on the book:"Methodologies and techniques for the management of sports activities that favour the social inclusion of people with psychiatric disabilities who live in residential therapeutic communities" which the publication is planned for April.
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