Municipality of Carsoli

Municipio di Carsoli (Italy)

Carsoli Carsoli is a town the province of L'Aquila, Abruzzo (central Italy). The ancient Roman city lies 4 kilometres (2.5 mi) southwest of the modern town. Population: 5381
The ancient city, known as Carsioli (or Carseoli), was founded in the country of the Aequi between 302 and 298 BC, just after the establishment of Alba Fucens, no doubt as a stronghold to guard the road to the latter. It is mentioned in 211 BC as one of the 12 of 30 Latin colonies that protested their inability to furnish more men or money for the war against Hannibal. It is known that, in 168 BC, it was used as a place of confinement for political prisoners. It was sacked in the Social War, but probably became a municipium after it. The 1st century agricultural writer Columella possessed estates there.
The line of the city walls (originally in tuff, and reconstructed in limestone), built of rectangular blocks, can still be seen. There are remains of several ancient buildings, including the podium or base, of a temple, and also the ancient branch road from the Via Valeria. The 43rd milestone of the Via Valeria still lies at or near its original site; it was set up by Nerva in 97 AD.
Some 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) to the northwest of Carsoli are the remains of an ancient aqueduct consisting of a buttressed wall of concrete crossing a valley.



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Comunità Passaggi di fronte Photo by copyright © 2017
Comunità Passaggi di fronte Photo by copyright © 2017

The Comunità Passaggi is an institution licensed and accredited with the Abruzzo region and carries out its activities at national level.
It is aimed at the study and treatment of personality disorders, psychosis, mild schizophrenia whose overall picture does not appear particularly chronic cycles and in which cognitive skills are detected sufficient use of responsible therapies. The Comunità Passaggi over the years has developed an integrated intervention model, based on different programs and therapeutic contexts whose purpose is to meet the diverse needs of persons suffering from mental disorders.

Comunità Passaggi di fronte Photo by copyright © 2017
Comunità Passaggi di fronte Photo by copyright © 2017