• Awareness raising campaing
  • Book about Methodologies and techniques for managing sports activities aimed at social inclusion of disabled people living in psychiatric therapeutic communities
  • The foundation of 3 Integrated Sports Association (one for each Country)

The tasks of the Workshop preparation phase will be assigned as follows: Municipality of Carsoli: it will be responsible for sending the invitation to the workshop together with the workshop programme and the general logistics info. CSEN: It will be in charge of elaborating the following materials: a guide to the tools for evaluation, quality and monitoring of the project; guide to the quality chart of the project. Sozial Label(DE): it will realize a short promotional video clip of the project and it will make proposals as to promotional material and gadget which will be discussed online, so that there will be enough time to realize them and have them ready for the project presentation event. Bulgarian Sports Development Association (BG): it will submit to partners the outlines of the social promotional campaign
The workshop will take place in Carsoli (AQ, Italy)  18 to 20 May 2017.
The workshop outputs will be:

  1. as to the “Methodologies and techniques for managing sports activities aimed at social inclusion in their local communities of disabled people living in psychiatric therapeutic communities”:
  2. sketched outlines of the “operative scheme”  which will then be worked out by Applicant and sent to partners.
  3. as to “awareness raising campaign”:  the “operative scheme” to be developed in each country
  4. as to Associations of integrated sport: protocol for the foundation.

In October 2017 there will be a online video conference call between national contact persons for general updates and also to establish:
the statute of the Integrated Sports Associations and chapters of the publication and assignment of writing tasks.
After the online conference call, the awareness raising campaign will be launched with the release of videos on social media, websites.
The preparation phase will close with the German partner establishing the schedule of sports event and with the start of preparation of teams  which will take part in the sports event in Germany.

First game of integrated football
First game of integrated football

The project plan foresees a sports event in Germany from 20th to 22nd april 2018. The event includes, in the first day, a public presentation meeting during which the videos of the campaign will be shown; the second day will be devoted to an integrated football tournament between the German, Bulgarian and Italian teams. Teams will be made up of 10 athletes (disabled athletes, non-disabled ones and escort persons). The initiative will close with the compilation of an evaluation questionnaire.
After the sports event, CSEN will work out a report with data gathered through the questionnaires. The report will be published on project website and on websites of the project organizations together with videos and photos of the event.
The Municipality of Carsoli will check the writing is done in due time, it will collect the texts (translated into English) and submit the whole text to all partner so that the final result is approved by all organizations. After the proofreading and graphic layout, in May 2018 the book will be published. Once all necessary documents are ready, the sports associations will be established in the three venues of the project. Founding members will be disabled athletes, their relatives, local young people, sports technicians and social operators.
With the publication of the book and the foundation of the sports associations the implementation phase is over.